28 October 2010

Mondo Guerra - Project Runway Inspiration!

Today, Thursday, October 28th, 2010 television history will be made. Okay, maybe not television history, but definitely Latin pop culture history will be made as Season 8 of Project Runway comes to a close and the winner of this season is announced. If you have been following PR this year, you are well aware that the most talented person this season is Chicano Mondo Guerra. You also know that he's not just a talented fashion designer but he has also been an inspiring young person to admit for the first time to his family, on national TV, that he is HIV positive.

Setting aside all that has happened this season I think it is fair to say that he is probably one the most talented designers this show has featured. His styling, color combining, architecture and sewing abilities are unmatched this season - and in my opinion - any season. He has a knack for combining color and pattern: 
His story is also remarkable. He mentions often that his parents were strict Catholic parents raising him to be "macho". In the show featuring his mother's visit, he talks about the difficult decision not to share his HIV status with his parents for fear of disappointment and sadness. However since the show aired several articles feature interviews with Mondo explaining just how supportive his family really is: 

And even with this going on in his life he has stayed true to his culture. The line that will be featured at Bryant Park in tonight's show pulls inspiration from traditional Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos. 

So tonight - Project Runway - Team Mondo!

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